Well, that’s one way to sell a festival—get Seth Troxler to strip down to literally nothing for a quick, but hilarious ad. Check out that rather NSFW clip in today’s roundup, along with a whole lot more news from around the dance-music world.

– The Eastern Electrics festival, which is set to take place the first weekend of August at Knebworth Park, could sink all the money in the world into promotions but nothing will likely do them better than this personal invitation to attend, courtesy of a naked Seth Troxler.

– Ready for an update to Ableton Live? Users can grab 9.0.5, which includes some changes for Push, here: (full story)

– Burial, Kutmah, Wiley, and Autechre are just a few of FACT’s 10 best interviews they’ve conducted over their 10 years in business. Check them all out here: (full story)

– And while we’re talking about FACT, they’ve got the scoop on a new So Solid Crew reunion tune. Rewind! (full story)

– Dig deeper into the history of—and what the future holds for—Detroit techno with this mini-doc from Thump.