You might think that folks like Deadmau5 and Bloody Beetroots really got the whole masked-man dance-music thing going, but, truth be told, Detroit had that shit on lock decades ago. Underground Resistance, Drexciya, and plenty of other shadowy identities were cranking out deep and dark industrial-strength techno before those other guys were a twinkle in mommy’s eye. And like many of those acts from the D, Scan 7, too, has remained true to the roots they first planted way back with their 1993 debut, “Black Moon Rising.”

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With “The Resistance,” today’s Track of the Day, Scan 7 hasn’t messed with the original techno blueprint too much—and dammit, that’s just fine by us. Whether its title is a reference to their UR brethren or simply a restatement of intent, “The Resistance” just exudes the vibe that’s become known to dance-music aficionados simply as “Detroit”—jazz-infused, machinated, synth- and rhythm-driven grooves that will kick you from here to kingdom come if you whisper any crap about “techno ain’t got no soul” or whatever. The fact that it lands on Berlin legacy-maker Tresor only further underscores this one’s authenticity.