Seriously, prepare to have your mind blown. We could talk about Modeselektor and Todd Terje and Porter Robinson all day long—and we will, don’t worry—but little can ready your brain to take in this absolutely astounding breakdancing display by a couple youngsters in France. For real, this one is something to see, so come on through.

– There’s no other way to describe this six-year-old female breakdancer than AMAZING. And the slightly older boy she battles against is pretty awesome, too.

– The story of how Porter Robinson came to Googling “DJ software” is a pretty interesting one, spurred by one super-huge videogame from the ’90s. Know which one it was? (full story)

– To call Todd Terje’s “Inspector Norse” a big track of 2012 would be a major understatement. The thing was everywhere! Now you can make your own version, as Point Blank deconstructs the jam piece by piece in the video below.

– Ever play a track in your studio and it sounds incredible, but then move it to your friend’s place and it sounds like a turd? Dubspot chimes in on how to correct your studio for optimal sound. (full story)

– Hey, did you know that Modeselektor have got a documentary in the works about their career so far? Well, it’s true. We Are Modeselektor is being produced by the team at Electronic Beats for a May 3 release. (full story)

– Who are Vibe Magazine’s five kings of tech house? Read on to see… (full story)

– RBMA have been doing a lot of exploration into internet-music phenomena, but maybe the most internet-music-y of all is this look at the #Tumblrwave scene, with Kilo Kish, Le1f, and more. (full story)

– So what does it mean to actually be an electronic-music instrument? Create Digital Music takes a closer, more philosophical look at the tools we use to craft our dance-music opuses. (full story)