Entrusted by Size Records play-maker Steve Angello for several releases, progressive-house producer Tim Mason has spared little time replacing his humble seaside views of Brighton, England, for a home on the stages of global clubs and festivals. His breakthrough track, “The Moment,” was an anthem at WMC two years ago, and his subsequent Size release, “Anima,” and remix duties for Moby, Zedd, and Pnau quickly established Mason as an undeniably rare and wonderful asset to British dance music.

In a typically chaotic two-show spree set between the not-so-sunny Liverpool and London’s Ministry of Sound, Beatport News joined Mason for a day in the life of the British globetrotter to discuss “Swoon,” his love for America, and his forthcoming records.

It seems fair to say that things got pretty full-on for you in 2012. How are you feeling at the outset of 2013?

2012 certainly felt like a landmark stretch for my career. The shows and festival appearances got bigger, the momentum behind the material remained strong, and there was even some time for me to refine some of my studio work, meaning that I have entered 2013 ready to take both the live and recorded elements of my career to full effect.

You have found a home away from home on the American club circuit over the past couple of years. Have you ever succumbed to the “doom and gloom” talk of stateside club land, or is it all positive to your mind?

I try not to focus on the negativity that follows the industry—there is too much good energy out there for it to really be a “doom and gloom” sort of scenario. America was a very different market to emerge into at first, but at every show I play people give you 100% of their energy and enthusiasm—you really can’t argue with that. Maybe there is room for the crowds to become more educated or dig deeper into the musical spectrum, but I believe they are getting there in their own time and I love being part of that right now. We need the European influence and the Ibizas of this world, but America is playing its own vital part and it has certainly ushered a new generation of fans to the table.

“Swoon” marks a triumphant third return to Steve Angello’s Size Records imprint. With a trio of releases for the soon-to-be ex-SHM man behind you, do you feel the pinch of being under the watchful gaze of such a prominent industry player?

There was actually no pressure with this one. “The Moment” was a huge landmark for me, not to mention a big proving ground for my relationship with the label, so naturally I was thrilled when “Anima” got picked up by Size later down the line, but the third time around, it just felt completely organic. After two releases I think there comes a moment of mutual understanding—the label knows what you are capable of and in turn you identify how your own sound and attitude can immerse itself into what the label stands for. For my work with Size, there has never felt like too much in the way of compromise, so “Swoon” was just business as usual in that sense. I am thrilled to see it getting such a great response already.

Impressive starts aside, how will the year ahead pan out for you, and can we count on a few more road trips to somewhere a little warmer next time?

2013 is looking to be an exciting one, for sure. I can now reveal that “Swoon” will be followed by remixes of Steve Aoki’s “Singularity” and Kaskade’s “No One Knows Who We Are.” There are a couple of collaborations that are just being finished up, one of which is a vocal record with an act I really rate and respect having grown up in in the south of England. When I got the vocals back, I was literally jumping around the studio on a mad one. I also have my next solo single almost ready to go, so now it is all about scheduling them in. Otherwise it is just about building on all the excitement we had with my live shows last year and keeping this awesome momentum going. And naturally, Beatport will be the first to know when I steal some sunnier shows later in the year.