Miami’s in full force, but we’re still getting bits and bobs back from Austin’s South By Southwest Festival, including some footage of Mr. Ollie Jones (aka Skream) getting a little feisty at his Boiler Room gig. Click on through to see what else is in store.

– You don’t often get to synth- and drum-machine pioneers together in one room, but fortunately Dave Smith and Roger Linn don’t live too far apart in their Bay Area homes. DJ TechTools’ Ean Golden took advantage of that setup and got them together for this great chat.

– Remember last year when Skrillex took a train across Canada with Grimes, Diplo, and others for the Full Flex Express Tour? Well, he’s had to call it off for this year. (full story)

– Deadmau5 is going to stream his Miami set live this Saturday, March 23, at 10:45 PM EDT. Here’s where to watch, so set your reminders now: (full story)

– So what has David Bowie’s contribution to electronic music been over the years? Mixmag, with the help of DJ Hell, Tiga, and more, takes a look at a number of points throughout his career that have helped to shape dance music. (And no, they don’t consider “Let’s Dance” to be one of them.) (full story)

– Wondering what South By Southwest is like for a first-timer and dance-music fan? Resident Advisor examines: (full story)

– But wanna see some real craziness? Skream’s Boiler Room set was cut-off prematurely so he decided to get a little belligerent, and unplugged a CDJ and gave it to someone in the crowd.

– Admittedly, we hadn’t realized that the Bieb’s “Beauty and a Beat” was actually a track that Zedd produced. Here he is (Zedd, not Bieber) talking with Fuse TV about how it came to be.