This coming Friday, January 11, we’ve got mystic duo Slumber joining us for a live webcast.

Spooky Oona Dahl (aka Oonaslim) takes a leftfield approach to DJing. With a Pagan philosophy and long mixes that coax unique frequencies from the music, this will be far from your standard DJ set. Mixing techno, deep house, and acid, she likes to live on the darker side of things. Her own productions echo what she plays and have found their way onto such labels as Hallucination Recordings and Hallucination Limited. Partner-in-crime Amber Cox gleans her influences from 80’s new wave, grunge, and hip-hop, which have all amalgamated themselves into her eclectic style. As Slumber, they’re a truly interesting duo, so get ready for something special this Friday, January 11, at 3 PM MST/9 PM GMT on Beatport Live.