Demented jacking house, light summery jams, and much more feature in today’s On Rotation segment, which compiles our expert team of merchandisers’ and editors’ favorite picks of the week.

Matt Ferry

Merchandising Manager / Denver

With the weather finally warming up in the 303, it was time for some summery cheese-jams. And who better to direct traffic on the rainbow highway of the season than the neon-starburst, future-’80s, retro-hop duo of Bryce Bresnan and Joe Sussingham (aka Coyote Kisses)? I’ll tell you who. No one—that’s who. What gloriously glowing glitch they’ve concocted on their second EP, Thundercolor. For the best description of their sound I looked no further than the group’s Facebook page: “Imagine if Apollo 13 made a successful lunar landing. Except this time, they had a disco ball. And electric guitars.” Yes, that’s just about perfect.

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Sean Lewis

Merchandising Manager / Los Angeles

Huge, huge, huge track from the UK duo Taiki & Nulight and it comes off of the New Breed Sinners compilation EP from Hatcha’s and N-Type’s Sin City label. I’m not sure how the “EP” part fits in considering this thing has 13 tracks, but it’s heavily recommended for dubstep purists.

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Christine Kakaire

Merchandising Manager / Berlin

Further Fit Sound fitness this week, this time with Aaron “FIT” Siegel teaming up with Chicago legend Marcus Mixx, who does what he always does best: rank, demented jacking house.

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Aaron “FIT” Siegel photo via De:Bug