It’s a year-ender for today’s On Rotation segment, which compiles our expert team of merchandisers’ and editors’ favorite picks of the week.

Christine Kakaire

Merchandising Manager / Berlin

Steve Poindexter – Computer Madness Re:Vision [Thema]
There’s no better excuse for big tunes than New Year’s Eve, so there’s no better timing for classic re-releases and reworks than the final month of the year. Labels of all stripes have been reaching into the vaults for the past few weeks, and a standout is the new remix EP of Steve Poindexter’s bleepy-acid techno anthem “Computer Madness.” Jerome Sydenham and Sandwell District’s Function are both well versed in techno for the most hectic moments and the most introspective, and their pair of remixes deliver on both counts.

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Matt Ferry

Merchandising Manager / Denver

Barrington – Is It True [petFood]
Lazaro Casanova’s petFood had a solid run in 2012. Dropping tracks from a who’s-who of the deep house scene, petFood releases dominated dancefloors across the globe—and Barrington’s cherry on the top of 2012, “Is It True,” is proof positive that petFood remains one of the most forward-thinking house labels in the scene. Every track is drenched in a steady groove and future-classic sonics, and is polished to a mirror finish. To put it perfectly, this sounds like Miami.

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Sean Lewis

Merchandising Manager / Los Angeles

DNAE Beats – Red Curry Popsicle (Nebula Remix) [Seclusiasis]
Gotta hand it to the Australian producer Nebula for turning out a great track here. The original “Red Curry Popsicle” is a bubbling bass-music beast that may seem a little esoteric to those outside the sport. To me, DNAE is one of the most slept-on producers in electronic music, so for Nebula to tune up this original and clarify the tune with a heavy snare makes him a producer to keep your eye out for.

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Ken Taylor

Beatport News Editor / San Francisco

Icona Pop – Manners Remixes [Big Beat Records]
I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Icona Pop—something about them strikes me as weirdly contrived and highly stylized, like a sexy indie-electro duo dreamt up by Maurice Starr. But that’s really just my personal bias, and having said all that, they’ve managed to get a slew of top-notch remixers on their recent EP. In fact, Instra:Mental offshoot Boddika (pictured above)—who just kills anything he touches (in a good way!)—works his inimitable magic on this one, and, ironically, it’s become one of my tunes of the year.

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Dan Cole

General Manager of Merchandising & General Manager / Berlin

Old Apparatus – Harem [Sullen Tone]
Let’s not jump the gun here. This is not your conventional record, and if you can squeeze it into your DJ set, then hats off to you. This is a dark, atmospheric, and ultimately scary record, but somehow the subtle production and amazing harmonics emit a certain charm and beauty that is difficult to match. With a new breed of harrowing, dark-wave techno and ambient producers filling up the shop windows of your local record stores, Old Apparatus are leading the way and are easily worth checking out.

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