Old-school-style dubstep, classic deep house, and even some roughneck dancehall all factor into today’s On Rotation, where Beatport’s editors and merchandising managers hip you to what’s hot.

Ken Taylor

Beatport News Editor / San Francisco

Flat out, Fort Romeau makes some amazingly atmospheric deep house. Funny, too, because one of his main gigs is twiddling knobs and keys for La Roux, but all the same, Mike Norris really just gets dance music back to front, and with his latest EP for Spectral Sound he makes that fact even more unquestionable.

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Matt Ferry

Merchandising Manager / Denver

In a little over a year since his surfacing in 2012, Mister Lies (aka Nick Zanca) has released a number of well-received EPs. Now, through Lefse Recordings, 13 months since his first EP was released, his debut album, Mowgli, shows that we’ll need to keep a steady eye on Mister Lies’ development through 2013. While it may follow an oft-tread path for bedroom producers, Mowgli is still a stunning example of Zanca’s deft ability to weave the subtle sounds of decay with swelling trip-hop ambience into what I’d consider the first up-and-comer album of 2013 worthy of a write-up—and a download.

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Sean Lewis

Merchandising Manager / Los Angeles

This track takes me back. It has that 2006 feel of dubstep when you could still catch a glimpse of dub’s influence. Although those days are long gone, it seems that there is still a core group of wizards like Amit practicing this magic on occasion. Beautiful track.

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