It’s a doozy of a new-release Tuesday, with jams from the house, techno, soul, and bass worlds ruling today’s On Rotation segment, which compiles our expert team of merchandisers’ and editors’ favorite picks of the week.

Sean Lewis

Merchandising Manager / Los Angeles

If anyone is bringing sexy back, it’s Andrea on this Kastle remix. Patience on this beat pays off. Probably not a beat you’ll be dropping for the dancefloor, but one you’ll definitely be dropping for the bedroom. Giggity!

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Matt Ferry

Merchandising Manager / Denver

From Balance to Renaissance to Global Underground and beyond, Henry Saiz is a true juggernaut of groove. His latest through Eklektisch, “Walking on a Wire,” is a surefire low-slung heater that’ll light up a club brighter than all the strobelights in the world. Dang. Let me say that again—DANG.

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Christine Kakaire

Merchandising Manager / Berlin

My attitude towards the festive season generally falls between ambivalence and lump-o’-coal, with extra thumbs down reserved for novelty Christmas tunes. There used to be one single exception to this—an amazing promo CD of weird and wonderful rare Santa grooves from about a decade ago, mixed by the masterful by Peanut Butter Wolf. Now there is a second, courtesy of the ultimate disco in-house band, The Salsoul Orchestra. It’s a sparkling gem of a Philly disco arrangement, crafted out of a dusty old yuletide hymn. Praise!

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Ken Taylor

Beatport News Editor / San Francisco

My god, there is a lot of heat packed into this week’s new releases. From Floorplan to Legowelt and Xosar to Objekt and Omar-S, how is a techno and house fan to decide? I’m seriously almost randomly choosing the new George FitzGerald single for today’s highlight because, hey, I’ve gotta pick something, but the truth is, you’ll find a lot to love this week from Creme Organization, Smallville, Running Back, and tons of other amazing labels. Happy Tuesday!

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Steven Dermody

Event Coordinator / Denver

Hello to you, Axel Boman. The eclectic house producer and wicked DJ debuts his first full-length on his own Studio Barnhaus, a wonderful collection from an inventive mind entitled Family Vacation. The jam that speaks the loudest to me is “Hello”—just a fantastic track that is so smooth, relaxed, and easy. Its subtle yet deft balance of old and new will pull you in instantly, like that old friend coming in for a hug. Gorgeous samples spatter R&B/soul all while accompanied by a groovy bassline and well placed percussion on the delicate side. The Swede is known for his not-so-serious take on music but his attention to detail and imagination is second to none.

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Mike Chapman

Marketing Manager / Berlin

While Omar-S’s output is typically pretty well received, for some reason I always feel like I’m missing something when I hear his tracks. That said, “DOnt Let Dis Be HapNin,” from his latest EP features, has changed me from a mere onlooker to a total fan. Electro-tinged, featherweight kicks and slightly cold-to-the-touch percussion drives a spaced-out synth melody into deep, surreal space. In less over-the-top descriptors, it’s safe to just say that this shit is good.

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