All manner of sounds make today’s On Rotation segment, in which our team of merchandisers and editors hip you to what’s hot this week.

Ken Taylor

Beatport News Editor / San Francisco

I like Lone so much that sometimes I wonder if my senses are immediately dulled just by seeing his name—like the sight of it (or anything on R&S) unfairly biases my opinion of whatever I’m going to hear the second I hit Play. Oh, well. For my money, the title track off his Airglow Fires EP is as classic as the Lone gets—accusations of ’90s retreads be damned.

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Sean Lewis

Merchandising Manager / Los Angeles

Intense sounds from Subzee D. In fact, I don’t think I’ve heard anything quite like this in a long time. Subzee keeps everything heavy with an original vibe that harks back to dubstep sounds now long gone. I could do with more of this. Please keep these type of productions coming.

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Matt Ferry

Merchandising Manager / Denver

Now I can finally retire (for a day, maybe) Nora En Pure’s chart-crushing debut, “Come With Me,” with their latest through Enormous Tunes, “Sweet Melody.” Seems like they’ve simply chopped up the original piano loop into a different arrangement, but good god in heaven, if that’s their formula, they should definitely stick to it.

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