LA beats, Detroit electro, Berlin techno, and lots more get spins in this week’s On Rotation, which compiles our expert team of merchandisers’ and editors’ favorite picks of the week.

Matt Ferry

Merchandising Manager / Denver

From Alpha Pup to Fool’s Gold all the way to Warp, LA-based beat maestro Nosaj Thing has released on some of the most celebrated labels in the electronic music world. Home, his first LP since 2009’s Drift, is a collection of beautifully crafted electronic elements that build the icy endlessness that I’ve come to know, love, and expect from him over the past few years. Let Home play from start to finish and you’ll be provided a rare delicacy in the day of electronic music singles—an amazing album.

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Sean Lewis

Merchandising Manager / Los Angeles

There are so many great things I like about this track. It’s 808-heavy with a liberal use of those flying hi-hats that everybody seems to be in love with at the moment, then it jettisons it all to snap right in time with a breakbeat edit. Lovely! It also doesn’t feel gimmicky. It combines two very different ideas and creates something that could do some serious damage to the dancefloor. Well done.

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Ken Taylor

Beatport News Editor / San Francisco

I’ve got nothing but love for old-school Detroit techno and electro, and the legendary duo known as Drexciya does it (did it?) for me every time. This latest reissue of theirs for Clone, Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III has got classic electronic funk and futurism slathered all over it. Member James Stinson may be gone, but this is one techno legacy that will live on forever.

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Dan Cole

General Manager of Merchandising & General Manager / Berlin

Perhaps one of my favorite albums from last year, Barker & Baumecker’s Transsektoral was a finely produced slice of contemporary techno with some other fun treats thrown in. This week sees the release of their Remixes EP featuring new versions from Machinedrum and Third Side, however, the cream of the crop lies within Blawan’s immense techno reworking of “Crows.” It’s dark, it’s crushing, and was made to play in Berghain so loud that it will destroy your very soul.

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Christine Kakaire

Merchandising Manager / Berlin

Inigo Kennedy’s new trio of productions—”Cathedral,” “Chamber,” and “Accordion”—sure have some weighty, olde-world inspiration at their core, but he has probably never sounded so refined, club-focused, and sleek. The latter two tracks delve into headier territory but still glint with toughness, and I’m willing to make an early bet on the majestic title track, “Cathedral”: It will be one of the most-loved tracks of the year.

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