As you may already know, tons of your favorite DJs, like Moby, Paul Van Dyk, Photek, and Diplo, have been selling their exclusive mixes through our Beatport Mixes store. Now it’s your turn to start doing the same, as we’re excited to announce that we’ve released Beatport Mixes to open beta for the public.

Diplo, whose Enter the Beat Portal mix was one of the first on offer, had this to say about Beatport Mixes: “The DJ is the backbone of dance music. DJs [have] been the direct distributor, and mixtapes are the way I can bring fresh sounds to people. Real DJs don’t wait for them to blow up. Beatport Mixes gives me an audience of kids that LOVE dance music from all genres. I now have the ability to share that vision in its purest form with all my fans.”

Now you can reach the world’s largest audience of dance-music fans by promoting and selling* your own DJ mixes. Beatport makes it easier than ever to reach existing and new fans with our shareable audio player, which allows you to embed your mix for playback on websites, blogs, and even Facebook Timeline. So start uploading, sharing, and selling your mixes now with Beatport’s huge network of dance-music fans.

*In order to be for sale, mixes must contain eligible tracks purchased on Beatport.