DJs, like magicians, don’t often like to give away their tricks. So it’s not everyday that a star player like Swedish House Mafia alum Steve Angello would reveal the ease with which he finds DJing. The “press play” debate has been raging for nearly a year now, and despite it not being the focus of Angello’s most recent installment in his Size TV series, he does manage to speak quite candidly about his approach to DJing after having a scare involving temporary hearing loss. He begins by saying that he’s given up using headphones and only DJs by booth monitors, continuing:

“If you’re a guitarist, you can play tight. If you’re a drummer, you play tight. The only thing you’ve gotta do as a DJ is to press that button at the same beat as the other track, which is not the hardest thing in the world, because people do it every day. You just gotta be synched. The CD player tells you which BPM your record is… If you know that one track is 125 and the other is 128, you just put the pitch three BPMs up. Then you’re good to go. It’s not that hard if you know your records.”

Watch the full episode below.