Fan art—without it, the DJ community would be visually represented only by camera-made photographs. How boring is that? Thankfully, kids (and, we suppose, a handful of grown adults) around the world with a knack for illustration and hero worship are more than happy to flood the internet with their own visual approximations of their favorite stars. Dim Mak head honcho Steve Aoki knows this all too well, and is about to host an exhibit of fan art entitled Mementos at LA’s Scion AV Installation from March 11-30, and Aoki will hold forth on opening night, presumably playing some tunes, too.

We’re not sure if all the images presented will be Aoki likenesses, but expect at least a few, along with a Dev N Gosha original portrait. All proceeds will go to Aoki’s charity, and you can RSVP for the event here.

Lead image via zingazoooz