There’s been a lot of talk about trap lately and seeing that producers of all stripes, from electro house to dubstep, are taking up the torch, there’s a fair amount of stylistic splintering happening. The eighth release from Datsik’s Firepower label features a mixture of styles from the Vancouver producer Sub Antix. Known for his ability to flow between dubstep’s many subgenres, Mr. Antix flexes his abilities even further by blending dubstep and trap on the new track “80 Weight VIP.”

It brims with the 808 punch, orchestra hits, and speedy hi-hats, but its style and pace is still indebted to dubstep. It may not be too far off his core style, but we still wanted to ask Sub Antix how the track came about. “I started the track over the summer after a bit of a writer’s block,” he told us. “After getting the drums, effects, and structure down, it took a few more days to figure out a good melody, but it was worth the wait, as I’m really proud of the final product.”

Indeed, the VIP version of “80 Weight” serves as today’s Track of the Day, but check out Sub Antix’s Facebook page to hear the original.