Fresh off their recent US tour, the Russian electro-house trio Swanky Tunes tell us about some of their favorite tracks in today’s Weekend Weapons installment. From Daft Punk to Aphex Twin, the Smolensk-based Vadim, Dmitry, and Stanislav have quite the old-school arsenal to mash up with upcoming tracks from their recently minted electro/progressive label Showland, which is shaping up to have a solid 2013. Read on to check out what they’ll be playing at a club or festival near you.

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When we started as producers in 1998, we had already listened to a lot of different kinds of music. Of course, we were keen on underground stuff mostly. Usually, we stayed til the end of the party and then asked the DJ (a friend of our) to play something special and rocking. Josh Wink, with his breaking beats, was the favorite one!

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“Da Funk” came from one of the best EDM albums ever. We can listen to this track again and again. It’s never enough! Every time, this funky melody makes your feet move and the classic “screaming” solo on the Roland TB-303 blows your mind.

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Laurent Garnier put techno music on the next level. Just find some time to listen to this song. Classic techno hook with thickened and filtered bass drives people crazy. Amazing work! Nobody does it like this now.

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In 1998, Norman Cook brought rock ‘n’ roll and funk back. His rumbling beats made us finish our “techno ‘n’ electro rage” and turn to sampling technology. Tons of vinyl, cutting, stretching, slicing, filtering! It’s all about the big-beat music, baby!

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We call this the Richard James touch. He had never put his hands on house music, but this was an exception. Great effects, stops, and rewinds mixed with a straight rhythm, a deep bass, and hot human groans. It still sounds very, very fresh!

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Seems this guy knows how to cook real Chicago house music! When we first heard “La La Land” on the dancefloor, we were destroyed by its dirty beats. A huge song! Wish we could get back to La La Land.

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The classics of synth-pop’s invasion in early 2000s: Felix Da Housecat, Miss Kittin, The Hacker, and Tiga, of course! Influences of the ’80s brought many changes to our style and made us jump off the big-beat movement.

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This was a discovery in dance music. Everything we had heard before—house bass, samples, synths from the ’80s, and vocoders—were brought together by this music. After this song we decided to produce house music only.

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The Swedes are the upside-downers of current dance music. They brought house music from clubs to stadiums. Big-room sound with massive drops and epic breakdowns! What else to add?!

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Great song with great lyrics and a cool video! The older we are, the more we love it.