You could say that the path for Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Björklund was set once they discovered the sound and scale of main-room house. You could also say that it’s in their musical DNA, as their second-wave success follows their countrymen Swedish House Mafia and Avicii.

The duo’s project, Cazzette, formed officially just one year ago, but their associations are ripped straight from the marquee; their first official release was a remix of Avicii’s “Sweet Dreams,” followed by hyped reworks of SHM and Adele. Since then, when they haven’t been on the road sporting giant cassette-tape masks with LED tickers (in tribute to their heroes Daft Punk), they’ve been busy in the studio: their debut DJ mix, Strictly Cazzette, was released last week by Strictly Rhythm, and their studio album Eject pt. I is in the pipeline for later this month.

We had the pair peep way back into their bags for some lost Cratedigger Essentials—and here’s what they pulled out.

[bpaudio id=”3389063″]
We remember when this came out; it affected us in a massive way, as the melody is so simple yet ingeniously catchy.

When this track came out, something really interesting happened to us. “Big-room house” was planted in our minds, and suddenly arenas seemed like the only suitable venue for this kind of energetic house. And of course, we wanted to be a part of it.

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This track is one of our absolute favorites and it’s such a great remix. To us, a remix should be something different yet great compared to the original, which this one really is.

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We don’t think that Daft Punk need an introduction. Every DJ/producer loves them and this is one of the reasons.

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Amazing rock/dubstep combo that we listened to for a month nonstop. Brilliant vocals by Nneka, and Chase & Status shine with one of their more dubsteppy tunes.

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It’s a brand-new release but counts as classic to us. The track has a great old-school vibe to it and the original is indeed an old track. It reminds us of house as it used to be. Good combination between old and new.

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Skrillex changed the way of dubstep. Some like him, some don’t. To us, he is a mastermind when it comes to production.

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Avicii is, in a way, the main reason why we are able to do what we do. He talked about his management in his interviews and we are now signed with them and are able to do what we do because of them. When we first heard “Alcoholic,” we were amazing by its catchy hook and deep vibe. This track symboliszes to us that a producer should be able to make more than one genre or sound.