If there’s one more awesome thing that the resurgence of dance music has brought with it of late, it’s the resurgence of actual dancing. And beyond just filling up club floors, dance seems to be trickling its way back into videos—but not always in the traditional way you might think. So we’ve decided to assemble some of the more inventive dance-based music videos that have come across our screens over the past year for this feature—The 10 Best Choreographed Videos of 2012. Get movin’!

10. Trolley Snatcha – “Disco Stick (Rock & Roll)”

Dubstepper Trolley Snatcha (aka Londoner Zack Kemp) assembles a dance clip that’s as disorienting as his epic bass sounds.

9. Schlachthofbronx – “Everyday Of The Week feat. DJ Assault”

Whoda thunk that ballet would go so well with the bassy collaboration between Schlachthofbronx and DJ Assault?

8. Jessie Ware – “Night Light”

UK songstress Jessie Ware brings some heat with the vocals while her dancers
match the vibes with a synchronized-swimming-style routine.

7. Michael Woods – “We’ve Only Just Begun”

On the even weirder synchronized-routine tip is the video for Michael Woods’ “We’ve Only Just Begun,” which benefits from other video effects as well.

6. Dillon Francis and Diplo – “Que Que feat. Maluca”

It’s hard to go wrong when you’ve got hot-steppin’ kids in your vid—so on that front, Diplo, Dillon Francis, and Maluca nailed it.

5. FaltyDL – “She Sleeps feat. Ed Macfarlane

FaltyDL’s seriously stepped up his video game this year, and this latest piece, a rollerskating odyssey through Central Park, is the perfect accompaniment to “She Sleeps.”

4. Holly Herndon – “Movement”

Only just qualifying as a dance routine (it’s really more a “movement” piece, if you will) is Holly Herndon’s video for “Movement,” which features a pair of sculpted athletes bending in untoward directions at the whim of a greater power.

3. Gacha – “Bowl”

It’s hard to imagine what would go well with Georgian producer Gacha’s abstract-minimalist garage tune “Bowl,” so it’s particularly impressive that Anna Kobakhidze’s oddly choreographed video really hit the nail on the head.

2. Claude VonStroke and Kry Wolf – “Turbosteppa”

Crowdsourcing: What would 2012 have been without it? Well, for one, we wouldn’t have as colorful a video for Claude VonStroke and Kry Wolf’s “Turbosteppa” vid, which was assembled from a number of dance clips sent in by fans.

1. Todd Terje – “Inspector Morse”

Without a doubt one of 2012’s best tunes, “Inspector Morse” comes replete with one of the year’s best videos as well, featuring a man awkwardly dancing his way through small-town life.