The crazy, hilarious, brilliant, and oft-scary world of fan art has thrived for decades, but with its proliferation on the web, that space has become all the more amplified. And while fan art used to be relegated to the world inhabited by comic-book and fantasy geeks, in 2012, it really knows no bounds. Yep, it’s even jumped genes to the DJ world, with great success, as you’re about to witness. Whether for the purposes of generating a gig flyer, or simply to satisfy an urge deep down inside to express oneself with pencil and paper, in tribute to one’s favorite artists, DJ fan art can be a manifestation of equal parts sincerity and creepiness. But anyway you slice it, it’s all pretty mind-blowing, so without further ado, here are 10 of our favorite pieces floating around the web. Can you guess who’s who?

10. By Another Cliche Design

9. By Noise Park

8. By Inpheriour

7. By Mikatto

6. By Jodieeidoj

5. By Zinga Zooo

4. By Zellerluoid

3. By Agnes Varnagy

2. By

1. By Sushi19