The 2 Bears have been on a tear this year. After unleashing their debut full-length—an inescapably fun mix of bouncing skippers and classic-house-styled tunes entitled Be Strong—earlier in the year, the duo of Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip fame) and DJ Raf Rundell have decided to cap their summer festival run with an hour-long mix for Defected, the time-tested supplier for house junkies the world over.

Last week, the pair’s 2 Bears, 1 Love mix hit Beatport in all its sweat-inducing glory, so we thought we’d have the Bears let us in on the tracks they keep close whenever it’s time to move a dancefloor.

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This is a newish one on the brilliant Unknown to the Unknown label, and Walter Ego is a young producer from Sheffield worth keeping an eye on. This has been doing the business in the sunshine at the festivals this summer. Tropical jump-up house music.

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Love this remix by our brothers from the Horse Meat Disco outfit. Proper spaced-out, dubby disco vibes, though we still haven’t worked out if this is a new vocal by Nancy Sinatra or an old one that the Black Devil crew messed with. Either way, it’s brilliant, with a far-out breakdown and an amazing bassline.

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Joe is making really interesting music. Everything he makes is sonically adventurous but still easy to play. I think they are the kind of records Matthew Herbert would make if he were still making club tracks.

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Been playing this one for years. I think this was one of the Scandinavian-disco don’s first releases. It came out on Soul Jazz to start with, but it ended up on Bear Entertainment. Great riff and rolling groove—like a rougher, more fun version of Metro Area.

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This one is new on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy label. While the original is also great, this mix fits really nicely in our sets. It’s at house tempo with bashy, broken, jungle drums. Paul Woolford delivers as always!

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We love Roman Flugel, and think he’s one of the unsung heroes of European dance music. He can turn his hand to more or less anything and really deliver. This one is a fruity, tropical house nagger that rolls and rolls. It’s spaced-out, funky, and odd, with brilliant percussion and plenty of swing for the dancefloor.

Angel Haze vs. Jamie XX and Gil Scott Heron – New York

Angel Haze is a wicked new female MC from New York. This is a remix of her vocals from the single “New York” over the beat from Jamie XX and Gil Scott Heron’s “New York Is Killing Me.” She totally kills it on this with bags of sass, swagger, and braggadocio.

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Amazingly dumb, bass-heavy UK garage that needs to be thumped out of the back of an Escort XR3.

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This record reminds me of going to Basement Jaxx parties in Loughborough Junction back in 2000. It was so far ahead of its time. Noisy, bashy, bass-heavy, broken music that sounds fresh today.

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A stone-cold classic house record with real soul. We could have chosen from a couple of other Terrence Parker records, but this is the one that really gets us every time. Cajmere and Gene Farris took the same sample last year and made a slightly more banging track called “Power Plant” that’s also worth a listen.