When Canadian-born Parisian Jason Beck (aka Chilly Gonzales, or just Gonzales sometimes) released his first album, The Entertainist, back in 2000, little could have predicted what the title character would become in the ensuing decade. The Entertainist was filled with oddly minimalist rap tracks from someone who clearly wasn’t your average rapper, and clunky, low-slung, lo-fi Vaudeville-esque numbers that seemed as much a product of a genius musical mind as it was that of a total pothead (not to say that the two are mutually exclusive, of course).

Twelve years later, after producing and writing with the likes of Feist, Mocky, Jamie Lidell, Peaches, and tons of others, he’s released Solo Piano II, a second suite of piano-only compositions that sound miles away from the hip-hop experiments with which he kicked off his crazy career more than a decade ago. But to only speak of his musical developments over the years would be a great injustice, as his video work is equally as engaging and dynamic. So, with that said, we’d like to present to you a quick look into his oeuvre with the following live performances and music videos.

Composing his latest work, Solo Piano II

The jazzy “Take Me To Broadway,” his breakout single from 2001’s III album.

One of a number of odd films that Gonzales made in collaboration with director Adam Traynor, “Bittersuite” stars pals Peaches, Tiga, and Cadence Weapon alongside Chilly G.

A cat tickles the keys on this blaster that dropped on Boysnoize Records in 2010.

Another with Traynor, the video for “I Am Europe” continues the duo’s obsession with chess.

Ass-shakin’ grooves—literally—from last year’s Ivory Tower LP.

And to round it out, an absolutely stunning live performance of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.”