We’ve been waiting with bated breath for the new Daft Punk album, which drops next week, but the world got a big preview yesterday, and the reviews are in. Check out what Dillon Francis, Joakim, Four Tet, Zomby, and more have to say after their first listen.

– Marc Houle’s new ’80s-inspired electro-pop project is called La Folie, and their first video is available to watch below:

– Kode9 talks with The Wire about his first rave, first E pill, and first turntables—which all came in the span of about 24 hours. (full story)

– Dillon Francis on Random Access Memories: “Can you un-pre order the Daft Punk album?” Ouch! More opinions here: (full story)

– We already tipped you to the horrible-looking film Beat Girl a few weeks back, and now Vice has written a piece—not a review—about it, based solely on watching the trailer. It’s a funny read for us folks who will basically never see this film. (full story)

– If you don’t have the patience to watch entire Boiler Room live streams, you probably aren’t gonna pick up on the subtle, hilarious moments that occur every once in a while. Fortunately, someone out there has got us covered, and they’ve assembled five odd minutes of funny Boiler Room moments. This is definitely worth your time—if for nothing else than watching Thom Yorke “not give a fuck.”

– Into the Clicks & Cuts sound of yore? Then you’ll be stoked to know that kingpins Vladislav Delay and SND’s Mark Fell have been busy in the studio together. Hear “Sensate Focus ‘Y'” below.

– Maya Janes Coles’ new album, Comfort, is due out on June 28, but its first single, “Everything,” featuring Karin Park, has already got a video. Check it out below, but the faint of heart should consider themselves warned—bird dissection!