Can you tell that we’re absolutely jazzed for Halloween yet? Well, it’s true. And now that we’re heavy into the costume-planning process, we’ve spent many an afternoon perusing the internet to see what’s on offer when it comes to outfits related to dance music’s superstars (of which there are tons!). Of those options, some of them are amazing, and others are downright tragic. As such, we’re happy to present to you The Five Best Dance-Music Halloween Costumes. (And stay tuned tomorrow for the five worst!)

5. Justice

Justice already look a little goofy to begin with, to be honest, so turning up the goof factor is all good by us. And hell, is that the actual Xavier de Rosnay co-signing for the Gaspard Augé costume in this pic? We’re pretty sure it is!

4. Steve Aoki

We swear when we say that the gratuitous cleavage in this shot has nothing to do with it getting our vote. This girl actually kinda nails the Dim Mak label boss’ look (from the neck up, anyway), and doesn’t end up looking like a rough version of Fu Manchu, like so many other Aoki impersonators out there. Add in a very passable Deadmau5 tag-along, and you’ve got a pretty solid electronic-music Halloween couples ensemble.

3. Kraftwerk

You just can’t go wrong with a four-man Kraftwerk costume—simple, iconic, classic. Thing is, these guys could’ve just done the red-shirt, black-tie, grey-pants bit and it would’ve gotten our thumbs-up, but look closely and you’ll see that they’ve gone the extra mile with a bit of dark eyeliner. Nicely done, mensches.

2. Deadmau5 and Ellie Goulding

There’s a fair bit going on in this pic, and it’s not just the costumes, but let’s talk about those first. Number one, dude spent a fair amount of resources on this mau5head, which is pretty remarkable. Number two, the Ellie impersonation is also solidly convincing. But here’s where it gets all Hitchcock: Skrillex’s glasses are on the bed next in the corner of the photo. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH SONNY?! A true Halloween mystery/thriller in the making.

1. Chromeo

Far and away the best electronic-music-related Halloween costume we’ve seen so far, these guys put in some serious work with their Chromeo outfit. In real life, Dave 1 and P-Thugg are pretty normal-looking dudes, so it’s hard to really make their caricatures unique, yet these two managed to do it and then some, practically making life-sized bobbleheads of the guys. And they didn’t shortchange the bottom halves of their costumes either!

Junior division bonus entry: Mini-Deadmau5

We’re never huge on folks forcing anything down their kids’ throats, but the youngster in this Deadmau5 getup seems to get quite a kick out of Pops’ fascination with all things Joel Zimmerman. In all honesty, this one plays a bit like a dad who rigged his kid’s science project (you know—that jerk with the awesome volcano that narrowly edged you out of a medal), so we don’t feel right entering him in the official running, but the costume is pretty epic nonetheless.

Any other real stunners out there we should see? Let us know about them in the comments below.

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