Who doesn’t love a fun-filled Friday? That’s why we’re bringing you a ton of awesome today, starting with our favorite new blog, SeratoFace, plus Thom Yorke’s Daft Punk costume and free live sets from Richie Hawtin, Andy Stott, and Disclosure.

– Admit it: You know you’ve made the “Serato face” more than a few times—you know, when you’re just standing there onstage staring intently at your laptop screen. But have you made it to our new favorite Tumblr of the moment? Click on through for some hilarity from the booth and peep a few of our faves below. (full story)

– Of all the costumes that our favorite performers wore on Halloween, we’ve gotta say that our favorite is Thom Yorke DJing as Daft Punk at Maroon 5’s party on Wednesday night. Well, at least the press is saying it’s Thom Yorke back there. (full story)

– FACT TV gets the goods on the awesome Unknown to the Unknown label via an interview with Hot City’s DJ Haus, during his time at Graz, Austria’s Elevate Festival.

– Here’s pretty much everything you need to know about trap, courtesy of Resident Advisor. (full story)

– Toolroom TV checks in with Stefano Noferini, who just mixed their latest comp, which we currently have exclusively on Beatport.

– Detroit’s ADULT. are just about to have their excellent 2001 LP Resuscitation reissued by Ghostly International, which will see its first ever digital release. But they’ve got more in store as well, which you can peep in this rather eerie public announcement.

– NPR’s been doing it pretty big lately, offering up early streams of both the Ricardo Villalobos and Flying Lotus LPs in the last few months. Now they’ve got exclusive free streams of sets from Moogfest, featuring Richie Hawtin, Andy Stott, Morton Subotnick, and Disclosure. (full story)