Ever wonder what gear your favorite producers are using when they’re rocking a live set? Of course you do. Well, you may be surprised to know that at the core of Daft Punk’s setup, for instance, is Ableton Live, four Minimoog Voyagers, and a number of other pieces of essential hardware and software. Skrillex? He’s punching away at four CDJs.

The Buttons&Knobs blog recently did some comprehensive digging and unearthed and assembled schematics for some of dance music’s biggest properties—Daft Punk, Pretty Lights, Skrillex, and FlyLo among them.

Here’s what the writer found out about Daft Punk:

The robotic duo known as Daft Punk has long been an innovating force in electronic music; receiving multiple awards and becoming a huge influence on electronic artists and music today. For their Alive 2007 tour, they created a stunning live performance using a variety of devices and controllers. (Top row: Daft Punk’s “Super Computers.” Bottom row: 2 Behringer BCR2000 Controllers and 2 JazzMutant Touchscreens.)

– Computer: “custom super-computers” – this is how Daft Punk describes it, although they have been seen performing with 4 MacBook Pros in front of them (presumably a main computer and a backup for each person). However, it wouldn’t seem too farfetched for a large electronic act to invest in custom hardware and software.
– Software: Ableton Live
– Controllers: 2 Behringer BCR2000 MIDI Controllers, 2 JazzMutant Lemur Touchscreen Controllers
– Other: 4 Minimoog Voyagers

Check out the whole story, with full setups from plenty of other folks, here.