DJ Q is certainly no newcomer to the world of club music—the UK producer born Shollen Quarshie was a leading figure during the heyday of bassline (a particularly R&B-infused vein of UK garage) and has forged his own style in the years since. Still, it seems DJ Q’s second coming is upon us, as his recent records for London’s Local Action and the ace Unknown to the Unknown imprint have proved invaluable resources for jocks looking to inject some skip into their bass-loaded sets. Fortunately, Q shows no signs of letting up, and his continued dedication to a prolific—yet still very high-quality—output assures us even more silky, soul-touched steppers in the year to come.

There’s been a lot written about you lately… tell us one thing about yourself that the press has missed.

I love vinyl! I still buy it and I don’t think I’ll stop either. I still listen to a lot of music from the ’90s, mainly hip-hop and dance. I’m also a massive fan of Breaking Bad.

Have a favorite track from last year?

Yes, I do and it’s not even a dance track! Favorite track from last year, for me, has to be Jessie Ware’s “What You Won’t Do For Love.” This did it for me, especially after being a big fan of 2pac’s interpretation.

Besides you, who else should we keep an eye on this year?

There’s quite a few people doing big things. TS7 has a new single called “Heartlight,” which is set to be huge. Cause & Affect from Birmingham have a few tracks which are smashing the dancefloors. I reckon you guys should keep your eyes out for Sinead Harnett, too. I’ve been a massive fan from before the Disclosure stuff, so it was a pleasant surprise when she got together with Disclosure on the Face EP.

Any predictions for 2013, music or otherwise?

Predictions music-wise, I think it’s inevitable that more and more people will be taking the digital route. I was against it for so long but even now I’m in the process of making the move. I like what Pioneer did with the Rekordbox thing. I still feel like I’m on control like when using CDs. As for predictions other than music, I’ve got a feeling Hank is going to make life very hard for Walter! Everyone who’s into Breaking Bad will know what I’m on about! If you’re not into it, I suggest you start watching it now and get up to speed because the second half of season five coming later on this year is going to be the best yet!

What’s next for you release-wise, and what should we look forward to in the future?

This single on Local Action, “Trust Again” featuring Louise Williams, is the next release from me. I’m excited about that as it’s the first single from my forthcoming debut album. I love the fact I’ve been given the chance to put an album together. I won’t give everything away but I will say one thing: Expect the unexpected. The first three singles on the album all sound different to each other. I have also just announced that I’ll be hosting a new show on Ministry Of Sound. Watch out for more releases on my own imprint, Q Recordings, as well.