Out of nowhere it would seem that this past week or so presented us with a treasure trove of big videos from across the dance-music spectrum. Whether it was a snappy vocal production from Matias Aguayo, totally leftfield experiments from The Knife or a morose pop-dance tune from Dillon Francis and T.E.E.D., there was much going on in the world of music/visual accompaniment. Peep some of our favorites to hit the tube below.

The video for “El Sucu Tucu” features Matias Aguayo skulking around a forest of flamingos and toucans while vocalizing over his intensely syncopated, down-and-dirty beats.

“Circles and Circles” finds Berlin-by-way-of-Toronto producer Noah Pred traversing forest, field, and concrete in search of…something…circular? Solid nod to singer Rosina, who brings some soulful heat to this sparse but effective tune.

letthemusicplay unleashes a nice summery vibe for the end of the season with the fun-and-breezy “Our Town,” featuring a few verses from spoken-word artist Kate Tempest over their comfy house beats.

Welsh producer Sion’s straight-ahead house jam “Make You Do” for MTA inspires a fun neon animation.

Speaking of animation, Detroit rapper Danny Brown is a fan, and he uses it to great effect on this video for his high-powered electro tune “Dip”—which riffs on Freak Nasty’s “Da Dip.”

But hey, why stop there? There’s more animated goodness in this video roundup, courtesy of former Jahcoozi singer Sasha Perera (aka Perera Elsewhere). Smooth noodling and Second Life vibes rule this clip.

Old people doing tai chi in the city square in the morning isn’t really a new scene to anyone who’s ever lived in a city. But the way it all goes down in the video for Mat Zo’s and Chuck D’s “Pyramid Scheme” is a different story altogether.

Dancing takes on all forms in the clip for H.O.S.H.’s new “Dancer” track from his Forever Young series. And, well, nothing beats a good dream sequence, right?

Ah, those halcyon days of skipping school and throwing down with your pals… revisited by Showtek, We Are Loud, and Sonny Wilson on “Booyah.”

We really dig this new MK edit of Wankelmut & Emma Louise’s “My Head Is a Jungle”—can you say super-’90s vibes?—but it’s made even better with this classily shot video.

Dillon Francis and T.E.E.D. crafted a lonely-feeling dance tune with “Without You” and its visual accompaniment just underscores that singular sadness.

The Knife’s “Let’s Talk About Gender Baby, Let’s Talk About You and Me” is an odd track to begin with. The fractal-inspired video clip? Doubly so.