Looking to find yourself on one of house music’s most celebrated new labels? Well, you just may if you take top prize in Ekkohaus’ “Mark Ma Words” Play remix contest. Not only will your remix be officially released by Moon Harbour Recordings, but you’ll snag a pair of AKG K712 headphones, and, as always, a copy of our Sounds to Sample Elements sound pack.

Upload your remix by July 29 to be eligible, and peep the other Play goings on below:

One more week to enter:
– Inner City’s “Good Life” contest

Two more weeks to enter:
– Nicky Romero’s “Symphonica” contest

Three more weeks to enter:
– Tosca’s “Looking” contest

Vote now:
– Destroid’s “Raise Your Fist” contest
– Felix Cartal & Clockwork’s “The Fire” contest

Recent winner announcements:
Thee Cool Cats won Blond:ish’s and Climbers’ “Town Joker” contest with this entry, and had this to say about it: “It is truly an honor and a dream come true, to have one of our tracks released on Get Physical. We are kind of in shock, to be honest with you, but we have a ton of love for the original track and wanted to do a remix to honor it. We started out by listening to some of the other entries that we found online, and noticed a trend to not use much of the original. A lot of them, you couldn’t even tell what it was a remix of. In fact, we felt that for some of the entries, if it weren’t for the name in the title, one could mistake it for a completely different track. So what we decided to do was try and use as much of the original as possible so that when you heard our remix you could instantly recognize it was “Town Joker,” but work it in a manner so that you would experience it in a whole new way, keeping the vibe yet bringing in our idea of funk.”