It’s a rare occasion in the over-saturated tech-house market that a track hits me in all the right places, but Fer BR’s latest effort, gifted to us from the four-to-the-floor masters at Waveform Recordings, does exactly that.

Firmly planted in Fer BR’s futuristic dark funk swing, “To the Jungle” is a focused tech rumbler, with all the usual stylings of the Spanish sound that’s been towering over the house scene for the past few years. “I decided to work the same way as in my earlier productions, but tried to move forward and not stagnate in a special sound,” Fer BR tells us. “I like to start with the kick tracks, bassline, and drums, and try to get the best possible groove using my MIDI sequencer, later adding other elements and then continue with the effects.”

Chugging with late-night groove and bent out effects, “To the Jungle” will start a fire on the dancefloor at any time of the night.