Without a doubt, “Critical Distance Pt. 2” stands as the crowning achievement of Tom Demac’s 2012 run, thanks in large part to its unforgettable bassline. Still, Demac’s newest offering is not to be overlooked as the UK producer again proves his recent streak of success is nowhere near letting up, delivering another enticing slice of deep, robust house with “Little Bits That Matter.”

While the song does feature vocalist Phil Kay, his voice isn’t the focus here, its many layers and understated delivery bathed in reverb and tucked behind the track’s more solid elements. In this way, the vocals seamlessly mesh with Demac’s moody chord progression and sparse melodies to form a slow-moving cloud of haze that gently rides atop the shuffling beat and gorgeous, gliding bassline. Best yet, “Little Bits That Matter” comes alongside two other ace Demac tunes—the filter-house-inspired “Tanners” and the plucky “Rain of Colour”—for a impressive EP to round out the man’s breakout year.