Up-and-coming Toronto producer Damn Kids (aka Stephane Deschenes) began his musical journey at age 16, when he was studying audio engineering and music production at a technology institute in Vancouver. A few years later, with the support of big-timers such as Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, and Flinch, the diverse Damn Kids finds himself in the spotlight with the Centoro EP, and is set to release another on Trouble & Bass, both of which highlight how far across the spectrum his sound can swing.

The trappy-sounding title track from the EP manifests Damn Kids’ steadfast intensity and ability to write a melody. But with a bassline that could crush any club soundsystem, highs and claps that cut so sharp in the mix, and a top-line synth that could spin a dancefloor into sheer mayhem, “Centoro” really stands out from the pack.