LOVERDOSE. They’re all caps for a reason. London-based duo Levan and Gepy are the men behind the name and have been producing together for an astounding seven months. Wait…SEVEN?! Yes, that’s right, seven months, and they’ve already charted in the Beatport top five. They’re obviously on a strict no-excuses policy in foggy London town.

After a single dose of the duo’s latest EP, Another Dimension, you can detect a subtle nuance of perfection that most production teams strive to achieve. Classic, crystal-clear and polished-to-a-mirror-finish house is the best way to describe this floor friendly two tracker that’s heavy on the samples, fat in the kick, and cleaner in the hats than linens on the QE2. The B-side is the stormer. ”You Wanna Take Me” is a perfect example of what’s huge in today’s scene. A stripped down, defined bass line, enormous kick and a looping vocal hook that will easily drive even the hip hop heads to the floor. This one works any time, morning, noon, or night. Pick it up here and see what else you may have missed from LOVERDOSE here.