Most trance fans first became aware of DJ Shah when Armin van Buuren named his “Who Will Find Me” single his favorite track of the year back in 2007. Since then he’s released his debut artist album Songbook, crafted his signature Balearic sound under his Sunlounger alias, and released numerous singles on his Magic Island label.

With the recent co-release of the label’s 2012 comp, with ARVA, and Shah’s Magic Island Vol. 4 mix, we decided to speak with the producer about his current goings on.

Your DJ sets are very different from your signature Balearic sound. What do you personally prefer playing?

My signature Balearic sound is especially known under my Sunlounger alias project. Under my real name, I’ve always had more diversity to give. My last album, Openminded!?, has a wide range of sounds and is a journey through EDM, from Balearic to trance, from nice vocal tunes to pumping progressive house.

Adrina Thorpe, who features on your “Back to You” record, has a beautiful voice. Do you have any plans to work with her again next year?

I’m in close touch with her so I’m sure we will work on more tracks next year, and in the future as well.

What’s your favorite tune at the moment?

What’s the best gig you’ve played this year?

The Armada night in Mexico City. I’ve had a couple of huge hit records in Mexico, so it’s always special for me to go back and play there.

And finally, do you have a favorite track from your new album Magic Island Volume 4?

In my opinion, Kim Svärd’s “When the Sun Goes Down” could be a huge hit, even with crossover potential.