Some call the music that Bondax make “club-ready pop music.” But whether compared to Disclosure or The xx, it’s clear that the Lancaster, UK-based R&B- and soul-house duo are hitting their stride early, with tracks like “Wet Summer” and their remix of Rudimental’s “Not Giving In” catapulting them into the spotlight. Producers George Townsend and Adam Kaye aren’t even 20 yet, so expect big things—including their latest track, “Gold”—to bubble up throughout the year.

Sum up 2012 in three words.

Mad unexpected times.

There’s been a lot written about you lately… tell us one thing that the press has missed.

We share our middle name: Theodore-Joseph!

Have a favorite track from last year?

It came out in 2011, but the track of last year for us was Lovebirds’ “Want You In My Soul.”

Besides you, who else should we keep an eye on this year?

We’re big fans of this illusive hip-hop duo called Snakehips, friends of ours from home Transmission Collective are great. George Maple, who’s signed to our Justus label—keep an eye on her! Maribou State are making great music and they’ll have a sick 2013.

Any predictions for 2013, music or otherwise?

We have a feeling Blueberry-flavored Red Bull is going to become very popular. We’re hooked!

photo via A Mint a Day