Velvet Elvis’ Late Night Loco remix of [a]pendics.shuffle’s “Heavy Burdens High” is a chilling and haunting interpretation of the original. Starting with a simple reverbed piano loop atop steady, rounded kick drums, the intro sets an immediate atmospheric tone. Interestingly enough, the track has no bass, so the lows you hear are percussion-driven, creating a tropical dreamscape of sounds. The instrumental adds to the bitter, lover-scorned vocals, provided by Blakkat (aka Mark Bell). And as they waft in and out of each soulful stanza, the marimbas’ melody is as memorable as the lyric, “Who really cares if you’re high?”

Out now as a b-side on the Heavy Burdens High EP on Adjunct Audio, the release and its myriad remixes has already seen support from Dubfire, Bushwacka, jozif, Maya Jane Coles, and John Digweed, who played two versions of the track on consecutive episodes of his Transitions podcast. A silent weapon for those who like their house deep, the Heavy Burdens High EP is one not to be missed.