Whether it’s Instagramming a fake Polaroid or adding vinyl crackle to an Ableton banger, it seems like everyone is looking to make the new stuff old again. And man, there are a ton of ways to add effects and filters to your productions to give them that old-school feel. But the best tack to take is likely to think the way a producer would have in 1992.

Fortunately, for you sampling enthusiasts, LoopBlog has assembled this great piece on how to give your sounds a vintage feel without adding a filter or effect—instead, just limit yourself the way the machines were limited back in the golden era of hip-hop and rave music. Instead of sampling entire tracks at a time and picking through them bit by bit, try limiting your sample to just a few seconds: “This limited sampling time resulted in a creative workaround that many of us wouldn’t even consider today – and this contributed to the ‘classic’ sound,” says the piece.

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Ensoniq ASR-10 photo via Switched On Austin