It’s a known fact in the DJ community that lossless files are the way to go if you’re looking to deliver the highest-quality sound to your audience. If you’re playing big-room soundsystems, festival PAs—heck, anything larger than your bedroom—lossless files are the only way to ensure top-quality audio without the sound degradation that is inherent in MP3 compression.

DJ extraordinaire Sander van Doorn prefers “playing lossless files only,” he says. “As I want to guarantee my fans the best audio experience for every set.” And he’s definitely not the only one. Loco Dice echoes the sentiment, saying, “I play lossless files because the format contains uncompressed audio, gives me the maximum audio quality, and doesn’t fail when I combine digital files and vinyl records.”

But lossless isn’t only for straight-ahead DJing. “Uncompressed files are the only ones suitable for proper editing, which is a big part of my life,” says Magda. “I use lossless files simply because of quality.”

Now through the end of May, when you make your next purchase lossless on Beatport, you’ll get half off AIFF and WAV upgrades, and be rocking the best possible audio for your audience. “With storage and download speed barely an issue these days, there’s absolutely no reason not to give your dancefloor the best possible sound with lossless audio,” says Max Graham. “Only lossless for me,” he adds.

“If I walk into a club, I know immediately if a DJ is using Serato and playing MP3s,” Andrew Weatherall explains. “Because to my ears the sound is a little bit harsh in the upper-midrange area. The DJ tries to compensate. You get to the mixer and all the EQs are up—they’re trying to put back in the frequencies that have been taken out—and it never works. And the sound engineer is scratching his head, saying, ‘Oh, the soundsystem doesn’t usually sound like this.’”

Experience music the way it was meant to be heard—and played—with lossless files. Take 50% off AIFF and WAV upgrades when you make your next purchase lossless (until May 31st). Get started now.