Swedish electro-house duo Taped Rai recently made a splash with their debut single “Just One Last Time,” featuring the one and only David Guetta. Members Tom Liljegren and Alexander Ryberg sent an idea for the song to Guetta, and he liked it so much he flew them immediately to Ibiza to finish the track together, which went on to receive a huge amount of support and top the Beatport charts. Naturally, they’re ready to capitalize on the momentum in 2013, so we took a moment to hear about some of the tracks they’ve been playing in their sets.

Amazing production, one of our new favorites. The guitar lick is really sweet; it has a great vibe and it’s perfect to play out. It was #1 on Beatport, which it truly deserves.

The track was introduced to us recently and we immediately loved it. It has this sort of emotion to it that you can’t quite put your finger on. The vocals are great and on this remix it’s especially amazing. It’s the type of song that just gives you a new feeling every time you play it so it’s perfect for when playing a more intimate set or when traveling and you have a lot of time to yourself.

A more playful song, but nonetheless incredible. One of the first tracks we’ve listened to that made it up on the charts back in the day and still we enjoy it today.

A classic gem. One of those songs we’ve been listening to for years. The lyrics, melody, and production all work together in giving you this hopeful feeling—that resonates with us in a special way.

This is one of our favorite Pryda tracks. Our first time hearing the track was out in the club in Stockholm and it was a real ear opener; it builds in an amazing way and just flows really nice. Pryda for President.

One of our all-time favorite tracks. It’s one of those tracks where the production and the vocals are perfect with one another. The emotion in the song is very freeing. Our first time hearing it was at a summer party in Sweden, on a perfect day—one of the few we get.

This year-old track is still amazing. It works great on a big crowd and has a really nice build-up and drop. It’s just one of those tracks where the simplicity is genius. Hard Rock Sofa are great producers and this is one of our favorite tracks of theirs.

This is the type of track that is pure emotion form beginning to end. With its very melodramatic vibe, it is a total Taped Rai favorite. Orbital is a great inspiration to our music and some of the greatest pioneers in EDM, and this song really captures their signature emotive sound. We love it.

David has many great songs but if we had to pick one favorite it would be “Alphabeat.” The track is very interesting and fun, and it has a very cool approach to the build-up which makes the drop really big.