Despite being new-release day, Tuesday is also jam-packed with news of all sorts from around the dance-music world. The be-all-end-all of techno-house collabs, a new Calvin Harris app, and Guetta’s response to Deadmau5 all factor into today’s Morning Roundup, which you can dig into below.

– A techno-house partnership for the ages, Master Funk Association (perhaps a reference to Electrifying Mojo’s Midnight Funk Association?) finds Detroit legends Theo Parrish, Andres, and Mad Mike Banks in the studio together for an upcoming 12″. The first track is a real chill affair. (full story)

– Man, Zedd was a cute kid—still is, really. Check him out up top tickling the ivories and see more photographic silliness in Dancing Astronaut’s weekly Best of Instagram feature. (full story)

– Calvin Harris has released a mobile app to support his new album, 18 Months. Basically, you hit play and keep moving to hear the whole thing—if you stop moving, so does the track. Really up to you to decide if this is cool or lame—so don’t shoot the messenger! (full story)

– Vice hipsters listen to house music for 66 hours straight—but they cheat by actually sleeping part of the time, so we’re gonna call this experiment null and void. (full story)

– David Guetta responds to Deadmau5’s claims that he’s just a button pusher with two iPods and a mixer. (full story)

– Tiesto has joined the (RED) organization to help raise awareness for the fight against AIDS, and will be holding a special event on December 1st, World AIDS Day. (full story)